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How come that everything changed but the way I feel remained the same.
Sometimes, I feel people I know they just don't make the effort even my friend who I used to call everyday they are busy with their lives. I want to go back home. Moving to a different city is a mistake even if its a better chance :*(


First letter

What is meant to happen will happen. I feel really depressed that I am not sure how to approach the ones I long for.

They tried to reach me and I shy out. I feel so stupid right now. Not sure if I should regret it or be thankful for it.

I choose to believe that the best is what happened and I should look forward because nothing will go back.

the godfather ; مايكل خلص تزقير


Since I left the website and I feel that everyone else did the same.
Lately, I feel very lonely. I lived in the US for 4 years but I felt the most lonely when I cameback to Saudi. I feel like everyone is moving with their life and they already have their own and I am just there. I got a job that is far from my hometown and it doesn't help me to catch up at all....

There is a known Arabic saying " far from eyes far from heart" I think this saying is sadly correct. 

I just don't know where to complain other than here so I cameback.
Hello LiveJournal!



this was the first Ramadan and Eid I spent alone , you really can't guess what happen in life , being here is kind of miracle to be honest , haha.
I had a peaceful Ramadan and my Eid is good so far *I had a day off for Eid , my school is the best haha yay* , love you  and  I wish everyone a very happy Eid and Eid Mubarak ya all!

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